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5 French Techno Artists to Watch

September 1, 2017

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5 French Techno Artists to Watch

September 1, 2017


France has always been a leader in the art scene. And it is definitely no surprise that nowadays it produces a generation of artists who are leading the techno scene.


1. Antigone


Of course, we had to start our list with Jeanson Antonin a.k.a. Antigone, a young and highly acclaimed artist both in Paris and Europe.


He conquered the techno scene thanks to his debut Forbidden Works EP,which includes a remix by Zadig.


Marked by many genres, Antigone’s style can become the most blunt and overwhelming in his generation.





2. AWB


AWB is a key figure in Paris’s techno scene & co-founder of Taapion Records, together with Shlømo & PVNV. 

Indeed since 2013, AWB teamed up with his partners and started the label Taapion Records as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire like Sterac, Conforce, Antigone or Francois X. 

His sound oscillates between deep, atmospheric techno and broken beats, with film scoring influence. AWB makes a precise and intimate techno flow who seduces the dancefloor, mixing new and old vinyls range from deep, intricate techno, through an acid and groovy darkness with some melodic gems along the way. 

He joined the Blocaus roster alongside Anetha, BLNDR, ABSL and Exal since late 2015.





3. Hadone


Jeremy aka Hadone is one of France's new upcoming artists. 

Part of the sweet Mara Moja crew, Hadone already burned several clubs during the last months.

He has been producing for 3 years and has already releases out on A.R.T.S, Initial Berlin and DeepHeat Records, being inspired by many different kinds of music and fields of creation.

A lover of dirty and fat rythms, raw and pretty straight forward, Hadone is a perfect mix 
between some 90’s killer tracks and some of the finest new techno. 




4. Pier


Pier is a hidden gem from Paris. He is one of the most important rising techno talents of the moment in France. His high quality productions provide a true combination of proper techno with lots of industrial and acid elements. In a very short time period he made releases on labels such as ERADYS Records, Wrongnotes or Solide Records.


We strongly believe that this young passionate techno lover will start to destroy dance floors all around the world.




5. Anetha

A resident of the Blocaus event in Paris, as well as great collector of vinyl, Anetha is a young artist who has quickly become a prominent figure in the Paris underground scene. 


She has played famous places in France and abroad such as Corsica Studio in London, Culture Box in Copenhagen, Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, Grelle Forelle in Austria, Under Bron in Stockholm or Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin. 


Oscillating between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves, she also likes playing 90’s old school tracks offering a deep and pulsating journey. Anetha definitely knows how to take control of the dancefloor! 








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